Halo for symphony orchestra (2010)

Orchestra: 2(2dbl. alto),picc.,2,C.A.,2,BCl. In Bb,2,C-bs.;4,3(3dbl. Cornet in Bb),3,1;Timp.,2perc.,Hp.,P-no;strings
Commission: London Symphony Orchestra / Helen Hamlyn Trust
Duration: 10 minutes
Premiere: 13 March 2011, Barbican Hall, London Symphony Orchestra, conductor: Clemens Schuldt

Hora ('Fanfara') for symphony orchestra (2009, rev. 2011)

1,picc.,1,C.A.,1,B-cl.,1,C-bs.;4,2;Timp.,Perc.,Cimbalom (or Marimba);strings
Commission: London Philharmonic Orchestra
Duration: 5 minutes
Premiere: March 2010, Royal Festival Hall, London Philharmonic, conductor: David Angus

Microcosm for symphony orchestra (2009)

2(1dbl. picc.),picc.,2,C.A.(dbl. Ob.3),2,EbCl.,2,C-bs.;4,3(1dbl. picc.),3,1;Timp.,2perc.,Hp.,Cel.(dbl. Piano);strings
Written for London Symphony Orchestra Discovery Panufnik Young Composer Scheme
Duration: 5 minutes.
Premiere: 7 January 2010, LSO St. Luke's, London Symphony Orchestra, conductor: Francois-Xavier Roth
Awarded the LSO Discovery commission

ensemble / chamber orchestra

Concert Transilvan for Violin concertino & 10 strings or string orchestra (2013)

Violin Concertino, 4 Vlins, 3 Vlas, 2 Cellos, 1 Db.
Duration: 10 minutes

remix ('vis cu vampiri') for 12 instruments (2013)

Fl., Ob., Cl., Bs.; 2 Perc., Pno.; 2 Vlins, Vla, Cello, Db.
Commission: Bucharest International Week Of New Music Festival
Duration: 7 minutes
Premiere: 2013, ICon Arts Enseble, conductor: Gabriel Bebeselea; Bucharest International Week Of New Music Festival, Opera Studio of the Bucharest National University

The Flame Olympic ceremonial performance for 20 musicians (2012)

8 winds, 4 strings, 8 percussions organised in 5 groups
Commisson: Wycombe High School
Duration: 20 minutes
Premiere: 10 July 2012, students of Wycombe High School, conductor: Vlad Maistorovici

Ocean Wing for chamber orchestra (2007)

Fl., Ob., Cl., Bs.; 2 Hn., Trp., Trb.; Perc., Hp., Pno.; 2 Vlins, Vla, 2 Cellos
Written at the 2007 Britten-Pears Programme for Young Composers
Duration: 5 minutes
Premiere: 2008, Aldeburgh Festival Jubilee Hall, Britten-Pears Orchestra, conductor: Ryan Wigglesworth

Khadina for 8 solo instruments (2005)

Rec., Sax.; H-ch., P-no, Guit., V-lin, V-la, Cello; Voice
Duration: 9 minutes

Premiere: 2007, Amarilys Flemming Concert Hall, RCM New Perspectives, conductor: Graham Ross

solo / chamber 

Imago for piano four-hands (2016)

Piano four-hands
Commission: The Françoise-Green Piano Duo, "The Viennese Salon" 2016 residency at St. John's Smith Square
Duration: 10 minutes
Premiere: January 2016, St. John's Smith Square, London, Antoine Françoise & Robin Green

Dream Shreds for 5 instruments, after Mira Chandler's animation (2014)

Alto Fl., Cl., Vlin, Vla, Cello
Commission: InnerSound New Arts Festival
Duration: 4 minutes
Premiere: 2014, ArCuB Hall Bucharest, SonoMania Ensemble, conductor: Gabriel Bebeselea

Cadence En Espace for viola and piano (2010)

Commission: Yuko Shimizu-Amoyal
Duration: 10 minutes
Premiere: 15 May 2010, Grande Salle de Conservatoire de Lausanne, Yuko Shimizu-Amoyal/Mark Pantillon

Annuntiatio for soprano and vibraphone (2009)

Commission: Ensemble Cercles
Duration: 5 minutes
Premiere: December 2009, Temple des Planchettes La Chaude Fond, Ensembe Cercles

Song without words (Venetian Gondola Song) for solo piano (2009)

Commission: BBC
Duration 3 min.
Premiere: broadcast on BBC3 2009, Andrew Zolinsky

transScent for solo piano (2008)

Duration: 7 min.
Premiere: 2009, Cadogan Hall, Antoine Françoise
Awarded the "Clive Christian Sound of Perfume Award"

Monument ("Prelude a l'unison" - Tribute to Enescu) for violin and piano (2005)

Duration: 8 minutes
Premiere: 2005, Bonn, Vlad Maistorovici/Bernd Puschmann

Night Music for string quartet (2002)

Duration: 19 minutes
Premiere: 2002, Recital Hall of the Yehudi Menuhin School, Vlad Maistorovici/David McCarroll, Valery Sokolov, Mary Elliott
Awarded the Grand Prix at the George Enescu International Festival